Non-existent if not on Facebook…

21 10 2011

It’s funny. The last year has been one of change for me. I changed careers. Once an IT guy now a bike mechanic / retail guy. The change of pace has been most welcome as has the lack of commonly heard complaints like “I can’t print.” or “I forgot my password.” or “Can you help some random guy get on our secure wireless network?” Believe me, it’s a relief and not having to hear those words any longer brings a smile to my face as I am trying to get the hop out of a customers rear wheel.

One of the biggest things was to try to pull some plugs on what was a fairly connected lifestyle. At the peak of this mountain of stuff was facebook. Have you ever sat down and considered what the point of facebook is? Have you ever felt a sense of accomplishment when your friend count went up by a couple people? Do you realize that even though you can say you have 975 friends on facebook you still can only count your actual friends on one hand? Facebook is kinda like standing in the middle of town with a bull horn rattling off all the little things you do by the hour.

Dumping Facebook is what I guess quitting smoking is like, not that I ever had to do that. I quit. I signed back in. I quit again. I sign back in. Finally I pull my head in and realize that this is pointless and dump it for good. Guess how many people contacted me after I left? About as many as I could count on one hand.

It’s been a joy not sitting in front of a computer every day. I surround myself with people that care about me. People I could actually talk face to face with. I do other things with my time like play music or my drums or my guitar or I take my bike for a rip in the woods or sit with my gorgeous girl and just be. I haven’t dumped my on-line existence completely. I have a twitter account and an Instagram account and I guess I have this presence as well. The difference is, it’s all mine. I am not forcing information about the lunch I’m eating or all the cool things I did today down anyones throat. If you really want to know what I am up to, call me and let’s have coffee. I would love to share a laugh with you.




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