Socially Retarded.

6 11 2011

Basic Human Interaction. I am a pretty approachable guy. I could strike up a conversation with anyone and end up making a new friendly acquaintance. Everyone can be shy but when it comes to normal basic exchanges we all do a pretty good job.

I am not sure what manual your parents used to raise you but the one my parents used included training on how to interact with other people. What do you do when someone approaches you and says hello.

“Hey, how’s it going?”
“Good, man, you?”
“Fabulous! Could I offer you a hot beverage?”
“That would be awesome. Thanks!”

Pretty basic,right? This is the sort of interaction we have multiple times per day, everyday. That’s a lot of delicious hot beverage! So we get quite a bit of practice.. Here’s what I got the other day at the store. I approach a couple guys in the shop….

“Hey guys. How’s it going today?”
“Where are your socks?”

Look at the two conversation above. One has two more lines and didn’t leave me wanting to shove a pair or Merino Wool ski socks up his…. Don’t worry it’s Merino, it won’t be itchy. I can’t tell you how many times I open doors for people, a pavlovian response I have when I approach any building entry (thanks dad), and don’t even get a smile and nod. I am not afraid of giving them a little lesson in manners. “You’re welcome.” I say.

This is going to make me sound old and will probably have my mom and dad pointing at my blog and saying “SEE!” but what the hell has happened? What has made these people so socially retarded? I am a firm believer in genetics so I am sure there’s some douche gene in all of us. All you need is the right situation to turn it on. I also believe that the parents of these people decided that Manners and Respect were going to be omitted from the curriculum.

On the positive side of this – During halloween I was pleasantly surprised by how many young children were saying thank you. Not surprising were the number of older kids not saying it.

I think there’s hope. People our age having kids seem to be instilling better values in their offspring. I just wish we could prevent people that have the Douche Gene from getting into Politics. The world would be a better place.




One response

13 11 2011

Hey guess what? That douche came in again and the same thing happened. Wow what a socially retarded loser. There seems to be a trend with social retardation and province of origin too.

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