Ahhh, The Black Nectar

23 10 2011

Usually the first thing on my mind after I pry my sticky eyes open after a nights sleep, or lack there of, is coffee. Admittedly it’s usually the first thing that hits my system. I know some of you are appalled by that but it’s just the routine. Food gets in there eventually.

People who don’t drink coffee are usually the first to spout off about the negative impacts of the modest bean but just like anything there’s always a Yin for the Yang.

Coffee is a natural deterrent to many brain affecting disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s as well as some Cancers. Coffee makes you alert, not from caffein as much as from other compounds that increase levels of adrenalin in the system. It’s an antioxidant, laxative and most importantly it staves off Gout! whew!

Just like the light of Yin, there’s the dark of Yang… We won’t get into that right now  tho. Check it out yourself.

I say, enjoy your brew and smile. I only have another 40 years or so on this planet and I am going to enjoy it’s bounty!