Panorama Foundation Pledges $30,000 toward CVCS

22 10 2011

This is great news!


Recently the Panorama Foundation board of directors decided to support the Columbia Valley Cycling Society to the tune of $30,000 toward its goal of legally-sanctioned multi-use mountain bike trails at Brewer Creek and the Silver Moose Trail between Invermere and Panorama.

This is a tremendously positive step toward the upgrading and sanctioning of a high alpine mountain bike ride at Brewer Creek and a trail link between Invermere and Panorama in the Silver Moose.

It must be noted, however, that despite significant history of mountain biking in these areas these trails require further outreach to other user groups and wildlife assessments and are not at this time legally designated as mountain bike trails.

It is the belief of the CVCS board, however, that a responsibly-built, environmentally-sensitive trail, and legal high-alpine mountain biking trail from Brewer Creek to Panorama would put the Columbia Valley on the map as the first class riding place it is and has the potential to become.

We envision a one-way trail from the Brewer trailhead to Panorama. The trail would be improved to the standard of the International Mountain Bike Association. The beautiful thing is that Brewer is and has been ridden as a mountain bike trail for over 15 years. Most of the trail would remain as is, with approximately 3’ wide bridges put over stream crossings and reinforcements made to areas that may be prone to erosion.

The Brewer Creek Trail has the potential to become the signature ride in the Columbia Valley, every bit as challenging and rewarding as the well known Seven Summits Trail in Rossland.

The Silver Moose, as currently envisioned, would allow for back and forth mountain biking between Panorama and Invermere on the south side of the Toby Creek Canyon. A wildlife assessment for a small herd of goats on the TobyCanyon is required to see if this trail can go ahead without causing damage to this herd. This is a part of this project’s budget and the CVCS is actively pursuing $20,000 in funding specifically to pay for this assessment.

The Columbia Valley Cycling Society seeks to only be involved with first rate projects and trails. Therefore we are being very thorough with regards to planning this project. Brewer Creek and Silver Moose require much thoughtfulness and conscientiousness, but the result will be a world-class community resource that will benefit the physical, social, environmental, and economic well being of the Columbia Valley.

With a municipal election coming up on November 19 we hope you will let those running for public office in the Columbia Valley know that you support the Brewer Creek and Silver Moose Trails becoming improved for all users and legalized as mountain bike trails and that you support more legal multi-use cycling trails in the Columbia Valley.

Yours in cycling,

Adrian Bergles

President, Columbia Valley Cycling Society